-Julia Child-

COOKING JOURNAL: a classic take on spaghetti
“Pies de cerdo a la brasa” (Pigs feet casserole) Eaten in Julivert Meu restaurant in Barcelona, Spain As weird looking as it looks it is one of the best casserole I have eaten. Flavors are right on point and the softness makes it melts in your mouth


“Churros con Chocolate” (dessert in Spain) Eaten in Chocolateria San Gines Madrid, Spain Proven one of the best among the other churros I taste tested The churros are crisp and soft and the chocolate is 100% cacao very rich in texture
“Takoyaki” (a Japanese snack) Eaten in Kanpai Los Angeles, California Made of wheat flour and filled with minced octopus and finished with mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce One of my favorite starters when eating out in a Japanese restaurant




I love exploring food and looking out for something new to try. If you have any suggestions of a great find and a must try …kindly leave a comment so I can expand my knowledge with all of these good finds +  I would love to try it out! I don’t care if its the worst kind as long as it is edible I would go for it!… at least once if it is that bad.

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