WHO: I call myself Jhayzel so as the name given to me at birth,  but I am more well known to friends and family as Zhel or much cooler Jay-Z =]. I was born and spent 14 years of my life in Philippines and the remaining half and counting-here in USA. 2013 was the time when I actually had the chance to experience the word TRAVEL and join the ever growing number of WANDERLUST. It is where my love letters of the places I would like to visit began and my stories to tell you evolved.

WHAT: My blog is probably like the thousands or millions of travel blog around the world. Though I am not very experience in this field I would like to give it a try and incorporate my 3 main GOAL/PURPOSE:

  1. TRAVEL TIPS (hit and miss)



WHY: You all are probably wondering how in the world I came up with the name “ITCHYFEETWANDERS” well let me explain it to you guys the best way I know how. (“_)

           ITCHYFEET does not mean any form of disease It simply means, metaphorically, the continuous urge of wanting to be  on the move. The WANT to go to places regardless of the destination. The failure to stay in your comfort zone – In short a person that always want to travel.

             WANDERS – to let yourself go with the flow where your foot will take you, or plane, or boat, or any form of transportation. To see and learn about the world at your own pace. The curiosity of seeing more and finding out what is out there.

  • and there it is… the making and beginning of this TRAVEL / PHOTOGRAPHY / FOOD blog. I hope to see you FOLLOWING ME around and letting me know  WTH I am doing. I know we will all have a good time here. Feed me with your tips and tricks as well…I would definitely appreciate it.

  • I have most of the social media…. so pick one or pick all!!! and  tag along with my journey. I hope to see your around!