“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”
Lao Tzu

Please don’t get me wrong or even hate me because I totally agree that NETFLIX is so freaking addicting. I find me contradicting myself most of the time when I say to myself “one more episode then that’s it!” but then it usually results to lack of sleep trying to finish the whole season and the rest after that.

The reason I am writing this blog? just a reminder that there is a different world beyond tv, remote control, Netflix, DVR or other means of being a couch potato. Please allow me to share to you my top 5 reasons why WE ALL  should take the chance and drag ourselves out there. It is a great feeling of FREEDOM !!

Manhattan Beach, CA |2015| Nikon D750
Manhattan Beach, CA |2015| Nikon D750


Where there times where you felt so bored, sad, depress, lazy or just can’t explain why are you not in the mood? … I did! and exactly all of that on a gloomy Sunday with frequent showers.

I called in sick from work 2 days, refused to go out and have to drag myself to take a shower… oh boy I am on a major depression track aren’t I? but as soon as I saw the sun shiny and bright… I grabbed my shoes and went for a hike at the top of the mountain overlooking the city. Then I was back to my old me.

Sometimes all we need is just a change of scenery. I felt the rush of blood through me as I push myself on that steep slopes and felt so good when I made it to the top. Choosing to lay in bed all day and watch my shows I don’t think I would feel any other different.

Healthy sun is a NATURAL ANTI-DEPRESSANT why not try some. NOT A HIKER? no problem…sit at the porch or park or anywhere with a chair and just enjoy the outdoors. Nature always guarantee to give you back the energy boost like any other energy drink only without that crash after a few hours. NOT SATISFIED? 100% RETURN OF YOUR DEPRESSIVE MOOD GUARANTEE 


Portland, Oregon |2014| Nikon D5100

If you are living in the city like me then we all know our fresh air consist of smog and polluted air. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we immerse ourselves to the fields of greens for some lung treatment.

A breath of fresh air helps us to exhale all the airborne toxins we breathe in everyday, it keeps as relax and happy by affecting our serotonin thru the amount of oxygen we breathe in, which results in lightening our mood. Fresh air helps us feel rejuvenated, prevent respiratory distress and most importantly it can boost your immune system.


The Grotto Portland, Oregon |2014| Nikon D5100

Being a home buddy is acceptable up until to the point that we get too comfortable and forget the other part of the outside world. It is very easy to get into that moment of all day sitting and lying down but DO NOT allow that moment to suck you into an unconsciously stagnant state of lifestyle. GET UP GET MOVING get that blood flowing.

Forcing ourselves to get out there and explore even just once a week is a big step and always a good starting point. It will help you to take a pause, meditate and re-focus on life. It will clear your mind with all the stress and non-sense BS of everyday life.  It will make you appreciate the beauty of nature and your life most importantly.


Yosemite National Park |2015| Nikon D750

To be adventurous doesn’t mean you have to take on risking your life. I always believe that l have a soul of an adventurer. I always want to do something different ,try something unusual. I always want to discover new stuff through exploring, but I am also guarded to take the riskier side of this challenge. I only limit myself to the potential that I can and willing to give but I  make sure that I make the best out of it and that is the KEY point.

The unknown path you choose to take are sometimes the best discoveries you will ever have so don’t hesitate or even doubt yourself without even giving it a shot. TRY… if you succeed GOOD!…if you fail OH WELL! we all learn from our mistakes don’t we?  experience always counts no  matter what.


Washburn Point Yosemite, CA |2015| Nikon D750

Have you felt that feeling of accomplishment doing a thing you thought you could not do? The feeling of being on top of the world?

NATURE gives you all that opportunity without pressure, no expectations and no time frame. It gives you that self-worth that you are capable to do the impossible. A simple hike, a 10 mile distance, a climb up the mountain, getting from point A – B….always a good feeling! It makes you realize your potential, strength and weakness.

COMPROMISE always does miracles. BALANCE is important. FUN and HEALTHY is the way to live so TIME MANAGEMENT between NATURE and NETFLIX should be YIN and YANG.

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